Your Equine Needs Under One Roof

Your Equine Needs Under One Roof

Friday, October 19, 2007


potential increase in pregnancies with frozen semen from low fertility stallions


Successful breeding with frozen stallion semen is currently quite variable. Conception rates range from 30% - 70% and vary greatly with the fertility of the stallion, the freezing ability of the semen, cryopreservative used and the technician performing the collection & freezing.

A previous study by Ottier & Palasz using an equine cryopreservative semen extender containing MAP-5, demonstrated a 7% increase in the binding of thawed sperm to equine hemizona from a highly fertile stallion (100% conception with frozen sperm, in clinically normal mares, during the 1999 breeding season).

In an atttempt to reproduce these results & examine the effects of MAP-5 on cryopreservation of low fertility stallions, an in vitro study, with semen from three stallions was conducted.

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