Your Equine Needs Under One Roof

Your Equine Needs Under One Roof

Monday, October 8, 2007



HEMO HEPATOS is an supplement supplying important quantities of B-group vitamins, amino acids and oligoelements in a highly available form. B-group or hydrosoluble vitamins play a fundamental role int he regulation of energetic metabolism, also peforming a lipotropic-detoxicating hepatic action.

Combines to Iron, Cobalt and Copper, they stimulate the production of red globules. The demand of these vitamins becomes very elevated during the periods of intense physical activity, because of the subsequent increase of energetic requirement.

The deficiency of these vitamins causes similar symtoms, varying from a diminution of alimentary consumption, to scare growing, unsatisfying performances, longer recovery periods.

It is generally believed that in normal condition of activity and alimentation, micro organisms which are users of fibre in the horse's blind gut - can produce sufficient qualities of these vitamins in order to satisfy the animal's daily requirement.

On the contrary, in case of horses undergoing particularly intense activities and fed with consistent quantities of concentrates, a suitable intergration of B group vitamins is surely usefull to satisfy the elevated requirement due to the increase in physical work.

Besides, the product - also performing a detoxicating action - is a valid instrument to protect liver, finding a useful employment in case of alimentary in toxications, antibiotic treatments and disordered appetite.

Vit C 5,000mg
L-Lysine 19,500mg
Vit PP 10,000mg
Inositol 2,000mg
Vit B1 4,000mg
Vit B2 4,000mg
Vit B6 1,000mg
Vit B12 60mg
Ac. D-Pantotenic 4,000mg
Vit H 4mg
Folic Acid 1,000mg
E1 Iron (sulphate Iron Epta) 4,000mg
E3 Cobalt (Sulph. Co) 35mg
E4 Copper (Sulph. Cupric) 40mg
DL Methionine 55,000mg
Choline Chloride 2,000mg
L-Lysine 1000mg
L-Glycine 2000mg

Give Phyto Calm S (15 cc) orally to the animal 2 hours before race or transport.


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