Your Equine Needs Under One Roof

Your Equine Needs Under One Roof

Friday, September 28, 2007


A feed that maximises condition, maintains control, is complete, convenient and cost effective.

HYGAIN ICE is a scientifically formulated high fibre, low starch fortified pellet designed to maximise your horse or ponies condition while keeping it calm and cool.

HYGAIN ICE is formulated to meet the strict guidelines set by THE LAMINITIS TRUST and is further enhanced by the addition of "Super Fibres".

Digestible Energy 10.5MJ/kg
Min Crude Protein 15%
Min Crude Fat 4%
Max Crude Fibre 18%
Max Added Salt 1.25%
Min Calcium 1.2%Max Starch 14%
Min Phosphorus 0.6%

High Fibre Soy Hulls, Distillers Grain, Lupin Meal Maize Meal, Lucerne Meal, Milrun, Calcium Carbonate, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Salt, Magnesium Oxide and HYGAIN Vitamin and Mineral Premix.

The foundation of any equine diet should be fibre, for example, grass, hay and chaff. Fibre should make up the majority of the daily feed intake, even for horses in intense training. In recent times, human influences such as stabling, high grain diets, restricted pasture availability and quality have reduced fibre intake for the modern horse. Areduction of fibre can have a negative impact on the digestive system. Therefore, the passage of feed will be affected and the bacterial population in the large intestine will become unbalanced. This can increase the risk of laminitis, acidosis, stomach ulceration and colic.

A solution to these risks is a feed that is high in fibre and energy. These types of feeds are referred to as "Super Fibres". Super Fibers are so named because they have similar energy levels to some grains but also have crude fibre levels similar to that of lucerne or grass hay (20%). This is highly beneficial to performance horses as they can maintain their energy levels without having their daily fibre intake reduced.

While "Super Fibres" contain similar amounts of energy to grains, the glycemic inded (GI) (the sugar rush) is regligible when compared to oats, for example, where the GI is 100. "Super Fibres" provide the unique benefits of high fibre and slow release energy. This reduces the fizzy behaviour associated with high grain diets.

Calcium 10.5g, Vitamin A 21100IU
Phosphorus 7g, Vitamin D 1050IU
Magnesium 3.8g, Vitamin E 250mg
Sodium 5g, Vitamin K 5mg
Potassium 10g, Vitamin B1 10mg
Chloride 9g, Vitamin B2 13mg
Iron 115mg, Niacin 70mg
Zinc 130mg, D-Cal Pant 25mg
Manganese 160mg, Vitamin B6 6mg
Copper 40mg, Vitamin B12 30ug
Iodine 500ug, Folic Acid 3mg
Cobalt 10mg, Biotin 100ug
Selenium 500ug, Choline 650mg

It is important to remember each horse should be treated as an individual when feeding.
Feed intake should be closely monitored and varied depending upon many factors such as weight, age, metabolism and work rate.

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