Your Equine Needs Under One Roof

Your Equine Needs Under One Roof

Friday, September 28, 2007



. Corbro Flooring has been tried and tested in leading horse transport companies and racing stables for a period of 8 years.
. Corbro has been carefully engineered to absorb shock and vibration at any level ensuring all unnecessary and unseen skeletal load is eliminated.
. Corbro also helps to eliminate scrambling or slipping when the float floor is damp or wet.
. Corbro is not a rubber product. Corbro Flooring is a technological advanced composite that simulates 600mm of clean fresh straw under the hoof all day every day.
. Cobro sheets are light weight and able to be used for horses to stand on during race days in the tie up stalls.
. Corbro used in stables reduces the amount of natural bedding needed, therefore saving a large amount of time and money on the cost of labour and bedding.
. Corbro dramatically reduces the amount of dust created by natural bedding.

. Reduces maintenance and labour costs
. Minimises associated respiratory problems and stable injuries
. Assist recovery from joint related injuries
. Excellent insulation against extreme conditions and is impervious to moisture, retarding bacterial growth
. Helps prevent injury during transport

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