Your Equine Needs Under One Roof

Your Equine Needs Under One Roof

Friday, September 28, 2007


A Balanced Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium Supplement to Aid in Bone Production

Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium are the main structural components of the bone. Low dietary calcium and phosphorus can lead to weakening of bones in horses, especially performance horses and growing horses.

A horse needs adequate amounts of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium and the correct balance between these minerals to produce and maintain strong bones.

This is especially important in tropical countries. Strong bones are vital to preventing injury and keeping horses in work.

BONE FOOD supplies sufficient minerals to balance a horse's diet and protect bone strength.


. To supplement home grain mix diets with calcium,

phosphorus and magnesium

. To supply extra calcium and phosphorus for horses

grazing high Oxalate pastures (Kikuyu and Buffel grass)

. Useful for growing horses and lactating mares with high

calcium demands

. Useful for young working horses that need extra minerals

to meet requirements for both work and growth

. To provide balanced calcium and phosphorus intakes in

a 2 : 1 ratio


Calcium 19g - 241g

Phosphorus 10g - 125g

Magnesium 6g - 75g



Mix well with feed. Feed in divided doses if possible

40g : Spelling Horses, Dry Mares

60g : Light Work, Stallions

80g : Heavy Work, Late Pregnant Mare, Late Lactating

Mares, Weanlings and Yearlings

100g : Hard Working Yearlings, 2YO Horses

120g : Early Lacting Mares, High Oxalate Grasses

1 scoop = 40g

If trace mineral and vitamin supplementation is required use

EQUIVIT Nutrequin or Perform. For a single supplement that

supplies calcium, phosphorus and magnesium plus protein

trace minerals and vitamins use EQUIVIT All Phase

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